For those who are not equipped with PPE.

The Protect Kit is the complete solution that allows to be sure to make the right choice and to have 100% compatible material for an optimal use of SYAM in all configurations.

The Protect Kit brings together in a single package and in a backpack everything you need to secure your work at height, such as joinery installation, after-sales service, window cleaning, etc.


  • A harness in the size of your choice (5 sizes available)
  • A rope clamp that can be used on either of the two ropes
  • 1 x 3m halyard
  • 1 x 10m halyard
  • 1 protective sheath for your ropes
  • 1 backpack
  • 3 steel connectors


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The PROTECT KIT is the complete solution that brings together in a single package everything you need to fully enjoy your SYAM.

Work comfortably with the Comfort Harness, available in sizes S to XXL, included in this kit. This fall arrest harness is delivered according to the user’s size and can then be adapted to the user’s morphology thanks to the simple adjustment of the leg-straps and shoulder straps using quick release buckles. Its polyester main webbing and epoxy-treated steel buckles provide a high static strength of 15 kN, thus guaranteeing optimal safety. The padded leg-straps and light weight of 1.2kg allow for optimal comfort for longer wear.

In addition to the Comfort Harness, the PROTECT KIT includes two halyards (3 and 10 metres), steel connectors and a rope clamp in accordance with the EN 353-2 standard: 2002.

A backpack allows to store and transport everything, making it easy to use. Thanks to its practicality and functionality, the PROTECT KIT will save you time and make your work easier when working at height.

  • A harness in the size of your choice (5 sizes available): Standard EN361: 2002 / Standard EN1497: 2007
  • A rope clamp for use on either rope: Standard EN 353-2: 2002
  • 1 x 3m halyard: Ø 11mm semi-static rope, Standard EN1891: 1998-A
  • 1 halyard of 10m: semi-static ropes Ø 11mm, Standard EN1891: 1998-A
  • 1 protective sheath for the ropes
  • 3 steel connectors: EN 362: 2004-B
  • 1 backpack


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