Altrex, Artub, FMS Ringue, Frénéhard, Gamesystem, MA Estructuras, Securigard, Skyworks, Syam, Tendo, Tubesca-Comabi… We’re all part of the same family, sharing the same name: Frénéhard & Michaux.

This means that we share the same values, aiming to make life easier and safer on your work sites by offering solutions such as scaffolding, ladders and accessories for roofing, or fall protection for work at heights.

Here at Frénéhard & Michaux, we’re fully aware of the importance of working at height are we share that responsibility.

The Frénéhard & Michaux Group

For more than 100 years now, the companies within the Frénéhard & Michaux Group provide high-quality products and services which meet all of the protection needs inherent to working at height. The Group’s specialist companies support professionals in their daily work, offering a wide range of products and services, from light-access products to roof and fixing accessories.

Our vision

The companies within the Group share a common industrial tradition, significant expertise in aluminium and steel work, as well as the same focus on working at height. They manufacture products such as scaffolding and roofing accessories which can be used by professionals in total safety on their work sites.

24 international sites throughout Europe allow the Frénéhard & Michaux Group to provide customers with the products they need, no matter where they are.

Our ambition

  • Create synergies between our companies.
  • Reinforce each core business for all companies.
  • Capitalize on our historical brands to gain new market shares
  • Grow in industry and construction markets
  • Jointly invest in R&D to improve and expand our offer.

Our solutions

Every day, thousands of people rely on our products to access, move, and work at height.

This trust motivates us.

It always guides our projects and decisions.

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our solutions

  • 1 Audit, consulting, design, training, location, installation and follow-up
  • 2 Step ladders, lightweight individual work
  • 3 Ladders and roof ladders
  • 4 Ladder lifts
  • 5 Fixed scaffolding and scaffold towers
  • 6 Suspended platforms
  • 7 Hooped ladders
  • 8 Footbridges
  • 9 Skylight protections
  • 10 Fixed and mobile anchors, lifelines
  • 11 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • 12 Temporary guardrails on roofs and bottom of roof slopes
  • 13 Permanent guardrails for flat roofs