All category 3 (fatal and disabling risks) PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) must be checked at least every 12 months (in accordance with the decree of 03/19/93 and art. R.233-42-2 of the Labour Code).

This inspection must be carried out by a “competent” person and in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s periodic inspection procedures.

By “competent person” it is understood that the inspection procedure alone, which is included in the instructions for use of a PPE, may not be sufficient.

A competent person is defined as having “knowledge of the applicable requirements for periodic examination and of the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions applicable to the component, subsystem or system to be verified” and “must have the necessary skills and resources, particularly in the case of complex products for which the manufacturer may determine specific training” (EN365§3)

It should be noted that the employer may also incur sanctions if it is objectively difficult to state with certainty that the person or body it has chosen as “competent” has sufficient know-how.

Thus, considering the regulatory obligations relating to the responsibility of the head of the establishment and its relative sanctions, the possibility offered to him/her to entrust verifications to qualified persons belonging to the establishment, the assignment of periodic examination activities to the manufacturer or to a centre authorised by the manufacturer* represents the best option for the protection of both the head of the establishment and the users.

Therefore, as a manufacturer and the only organisation that is unequivocally competent with regard to the legislation, and for you to be able to fulfil your regulatory obligations, we offer to carry out this service on your premises every year, a few weeks before the anniversary date. We will then provide a report of the intervention to be included in your safety register.

Within a few hours, your PPE can be used again.

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