A unique offer

Committed to the prevention of occupational risks and more specifically to the prevention of falls from height, we design and offer a whole range of unique, innovative, simple, and comfortable personal protective equipment.

Although it is often observed that operators have personal protective equipment such as harnesses, ropes, etc. to ensure their safety, one problem very often remains unresolved:

Where do I hook up?

When it comes to supplying a site, installing, or removing railings, fitting joinery, changing a roller shutter, or carrying out waterproofing, installers often say they do not have many solutions. Of these, they sometimes admit to choosing the option of securing themselves with a strap hanging from the balcony or a radiator, which is heresy knowing full well that in case of a fall, they would not be restrained. And sometimes they do not attach themselves at all! Because it is a short intervention, because the intervention is on the first floor – and therefore not impressive -, because they are used to or are in a hurry to return at the end of the day or at the end of the week…

They are exposing themselves to reckless risks, but are they aware of this?

Before the SYAM solution, there was no real solution for working safely near a void where collective safety was either lacking or impossible to implement. This is why the SYAM, which makes it extremely easy to put oneself in a safe situation when working near a void, is a world innovation.

The SYAM Mobile Anchoring System and our other equipment comply with current standards and are suitable for all professions requiring work at height (Bay Professionals, Service & Maintenance, Rescue Workers, etc.).

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Optimal support

We offer you quality products and dedicated service to make your customer experience as optimal as possible.

Use / Authorisation training

Our Syam experts systematically train you in the use of our various equipment, and in particular the SYAM Mobile Anchoring System.
These sessions take place on your premises or on site.


Article R4323-106 of the Labour Code
“The employer shall provide workers who are required to use personal protective equipment with appropriate training including, where necessary, training in the use of the equipment. This training is repeated as often as necessary to ensure that the equipment is used in accordance with the operating instructions.”


To raise awareness of the risks associated with their activity: 100,000 falls per year in France, one every five minutes, etc…

Legal information concerning the responsibilities of the employer towards his/her employee and vice versa…

Analysis of your professional practices with the aim of modifying your behaviour in the face of the risks of falling…

Training in the use of SYAM and associated equipment.


+/-4h per session per group of 4 people.

At the end of this practical session, you will have all the skills and knowledge you need to use the equipment fully and safely.

This time of exchange is also used to change mentalities and practices
to protect YOU.

Delivery of certificates

Accreditation certificates and attendance sheet will be given to you allowing you to fulfil your regulatory obligations (see art. R4323-106 of the labour code). This certificate has no expiration date and can follow the employee throughout his/her professional career. The certificate can be provided to employees at any time upon request (e.g., when changing companies).

In addition, a draft memo that you can complete/amend is sent before each session for all participants to sign. Among other things, it mentions all the obligations of the employer towards his/her employee and vice versa.

We gladly involve team leaders, sales representatives, and quantity surveyors (non-users) in this process so that they can also be made aware.