Syam has more than 15 years of expertise in occupational risk prevention throughout the world.

The company designs, manufactures, markets and trains workers in the use of all its personal protection equipment: fall arresters, harnesses, lifelines, lanyards, and most of all our patented Mobile Anchoring System, the SYAM.


The history of SYAM, while becoming beautiful, unfortunately began with a tragedy. In 2005, in the Saint-Etienne region, a young 27-year-old joiner fell from several floors and died. Leaving behind his two children and his pregnant wife.


The news acted like a detonator on Xavier Julliard, then a joinery teacher. “How can I continue to train students knowing that they will risk their lives in the exercise of their profession because of a lack of security?”


After two years of research, Xavier Julliard found the solution, SYAM. A mobile anchoring system to ensure the safety of all workers at height. Because of its ease of transport and installation, the SYAM is the tool not to be missed in an environment where 50% of accidents occur in interventions lasting less than 5 minutes.


Patented at international level, this innovation is now used and appreciated by thousands of companies of all types (VSEs, SMEs, multinationals, public services, fire brigades, police, etc.).


A company at the heart of TRUST AT HEIGHT®.

In 2018, Syam joined the group FRÉNÉHARD & MICHAUX. The companies within the Group share a common industrial tradition, significant expertise in aluminium and steel work, as well as the same focus on working at height. They manufacture products such as scaffolding and roofing accessories which can be used by professionals in total safety on their work sites.

24 international sites throughout Europe allow the Frénéhard & Michaux Group to provide customers with the products they need, no matter where they are.


Our values are activities, and are logically expressed by verbs: listen, engage, innovate, protect, elevate.



At Syam, we take the time to listen to our customers, to understand their expectations so that we can design tomorrow’s products and services for them.

Always and sincerely listening to our employees and colleagues forms the foundation for sound and successful work.



At Syam, respecting commitments is fundamental for all.

We encourage an empowerment and initiative-focused culture which is combined with a duty of honouring commitments made, both between employees and with clients and partners.



At Syam, we work closely with our clients and our environment to improve our products and processes.

Encouraging people to take initiative and participating in inward reflection, both on a Group level and individually, to develop new ideas.



We believe in our employees at Syam. Supporting personal development, skill-building, positive behaviours and teamwork are all key parts of our culture.

We outwardly share this pride by showcasing our brands, our image, our production sites and the people who bring them to life.



We believe in our employees at Syam.

Encouraging personal development, expanding skills and promoting team work are all part of our culture. We are proud of what we do and we value the men and women who foster our brands, our image and our factories.