Don’t take any more risks when working at height with this horizontal mobile lifeline pack, which guarantees safety and versatility.

With this horizontal mobile lifeline pack, there is no need to worry about where to attach your harness to be safe. This temporary and portable anchoring solution allows to work at height without risk!

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  • Adjustable length
  • Lightweight
  • Resistance
  • Anti-perspiration padding
  • Can be used by 2 people


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The horizontal mobile lifeline allows one or two persons to work safely at height over long distances.

Ligne de vie

This lifeline is intended for horizontal use only. Two 2m webbing rings sewn at the ends allow to temporarily attach it to many structures. You can install it between two Syams or between a Syam and another anchor point (see wall anchor point). With a total length of 20 metres, it allows to work over a large area safely and to avoid the pendulum effect.

Ligne de vie

Made of polyester and with excellent resistance, it can be used by 2 users at the same time. Its steel ratchet tensioner allows easy adjustment of the tension between its two ends.

The light weight of the pack makes it easy to transport to the area of intervention.

The lifeline is delivered ready to use, with 2 x 1m sheaths, 2 x 1.8m sheaths, two octagonal pads to prevent the lifeline from rubbing against the wall, two steel connectors and a backpack.

This complete pack is ideal for fitting joinery, installing railings, cleaning windows, working on cladding, etc., while guaranteeing real individual protection.

  • The pack includes 2 x 1m sheaths, 2 x 1.8m sheaths, 2 octagonal pads, 2 connectors, 1 backpack
  • Light weight: 3.1 kg
  • Adjustable length from 5m to 20m
  • 30mm polyester webbing R>45kN
  • Tested for 2 persons according to CEN/TS 16415 Type B+C
  • Complies with EN795 type B+C (Hybrid) if anchored with integrated webbing rings
  • Complies with EN795 type C if anchored directly with connectors at the ends of the lifeline


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